First Outing Post Covid-19 Lockdown

 It’s  the first time I had started writing and  sharing with you guys . I recently got married on 6th of march ,2020  just 16 days before corona-virus took a massive shit all over our lives. It was fun  in the beginning, as I was new to the family and we use to play games and get to know each other well. Actually it was beneficial for me , as I could spend more time with family members or you can say with my new family. I even got into cleaning but then slowly the daily cleaning and washing, facing life, etc… got a little heavy as i was adjusting to new things. There were some wonderful days  in there where I consider myself lucky, was grateful for the family I got.  I tried my best to be consistent on Instagram atleast but my posting on personal account and on common account which me and my husband have it. We used to do zumba, dance, playing cards became the part of our lives  in this lockdown period.

Then the “unlock” happened and i don’t know what the fuck that was done beacuse we all were frightened to death to step out of the houses and roam around (atleast i was). But eventually, from deep inside i did want to step out and visit my parents – I still have only visited my parent’s.It was  different feeling to visit my own house after this lockdown and i had stayed over there for a week and it was like i have been back to my bachelor life with no responsiblities and duties. I used to enjoy with my childhood friends and family . I got to meet my mithi , my jaan, my dog(JO JO) whom I used to miss a lot . I cannot begin to tell how much just playing with my dog and chilling out with my childhood friends and family has helped me mentally. It’s just pulled me out of a discomfort and that feels really fucking good. All of this was just a way to thank my friends and family for being so nice to me.

 I personally would be pretty happy spending my life in my boxer shorts, sportswear and tees but it was time to say goodbye to parent’s and friends and go back to my In-Laws .Then i decided to dress-up a bit and get pictures with my Pati Parmeshwar (husband) 😝, though we didn’t get the perfect pictures but it was special for me . Hope you guys like it and enjoy it . 


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